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As a business owner, you know that VIPs, Very Important People, are the lifeblood of any hospitality enterprise. They are the big spenders, and provide the bulk of revenue for lounges, restaurants, and nightclub facilities.

Because of this, the Unity VIP Reservation Management system was designed from the ground up to provide you with more efficient operation, to give your VIPs the attention they deserve, and to gain new insights into the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategies.

Imagine this: On a particularly busy night, one of your most important clients pulls up in front of your facility. With the help of the Unity All-in-One VIP system, your doorman has kept entrance lines to a minimum, allowing your guest to be immediately attended to. Upon arrival, the doorman quickly scans your VIP’s driver’s license, and in less than a second your door staff can acknowledge the VIP, verify the table location without the need for additional paperwork, clip boards or processes, and notify the VIP host who swiftly greets the VIP and accompanies them to their reserved seating. This same VIP acknowledgement also allows your VIP manager to personally welcome your guest in a timely manner, and to cater to their specific food and beverage preferences. Once again, the Unity VIP system helps foster a win-win situation for you and your VIP guests.

Furthermore, by assigning profiles and star ratings (from zero to five, with five stars representing the most valuable clientele), Unity’s VIP system helps you better understand how each of your clients directly affects your business, as well as your bottom line. Incentivize your business model and launch social media marketing campaigns with razor-like accuracy.

The Scanning of IDs can create various lists which can be marketed to for different marketing programs. The marketing lists can be your Five star VIPs, Ladies, or Happy Hour, specialized promotions, and any other list categories that you can create and imagine.

Our all-in-one VIP reservation system allows you to:

• Create customized reservation and table management settings for each of your venues, or use one across the board. You’re the boss.
• Manage guest lists, track reservations and check-ins, and monitor table reservations in real time, directly from your handheld device.
• Collect valuable data that allows you to monitor staff and promoter guest lists.
• Notification for VIP client arrivals.
• Reduce wait time at the door using our quick scrolling and search features.
• Effortlessly collect customer data and build your next marketing campaign.
• Send targeted social media marketing promotions directly to Facebook and Twitter via out automatic social media integration tool.
• Keep your clients coming back again and again by adding unique value to their experience.

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