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ID Scan

You’ve worked hard to build your establishment into the hot spot that it is today. Or you have high expectations of being the new hot spot. You’ve spent countless hours making sure everything is just right; from lighting to lounge chairs, you’re the place where everyone wants to spend their Saturday night.

But you also know that being popular is only the beginning. Now that you’ve arrived, it’s up to you to ensure your guests keep returning, night after night; that you maintain a keen eye on not only efficiency, but also on the safety of your patrons; and that you continue to engage your target demographics with razor-sharp marketing.

But you’re already busy, so how are you going to accomplish all of this? Using Unity’s all-in-one ID scan system, you can:

• Effortlessly scan 2D barcodes from driver’s licenses across 48 states.
• Keep door traffic to a minimum, and identify underage individuals with one quick scan of their ID card.
• Recognize VIP customers with a simple scan.
• Track and save client data to ensure maximum profitability.
• Record your guest’s age, gender, and zip code—real-time, day/date stamped demographics that can take your marketing promotions to new heights.
• Integrate directly with SMS, email, and social media integration, through automatic social media invitation, which allows you to stay in touch with your guests, and to keep them coming back again and again.
• Protect the safety of your guests through immediate blacklist and banning notifications.
• Receive real time scan notifications of VIP guest arrivals.
• Manage table reservations and availability with efficiency you never thought possible.
• Work remotely using both WiFi and offline modes.

The truth is, Unity’s ID Scan system is the most flexible, powerful, chock-full-of-features mobile customer management system on the market. No one else even comes close.

So are you ready to increase your business’s efficiency, maximize accessibility, and engage your customers like never before?

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