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SMS Marketing:

Your message will be read in minutes

With a 90% (or better) average open rate, text messages are far more effective than email notifications when communicating with customers, particularly when time is of the essence. Most text messages are read in fewer than 5 minutes after they’ve been received. As a result, you can count on text messaging to effectively deliver short, time sensitive communications, appointment alerts, or expiring promotional offers.

SMS marketing builds brand loyalty

Studies show that nearly (75%) three-quarters of smartphone users are now interested in loyalty programs accessible from their handsets. Since 95% of all mobile phones now have SMS capabilities, it’s understandable why so many businesses now view SMS marketing as being perfectly suited for engaging customers with loyalty program offers, rewards updates, or other relevant account details.

SMS marketing is surprisingly easy

According to veteran industry-leading providers of email, mobile, and social communication tools, small businesses can quickly, easily, and economically implement mobile campaigns and “spin their database into gold.” With the right tools in place, anyone familiar with the basics of small business marketing is capable of orchestrating an effective SMS campaign.

SMS marketing is shockingly affordable

Compared to some of the relatively exorbitant expenditures that quickly erode marketing budgets often without a clear and inspiring ROI, a typical small business can plan and carry out an SMS marketing campaign for a fraction of the price tag that corresponds to other marketing efforts.

SMS marketing is targeted marketing at its best

The new age of device targeting has allowed marketers to reach mobile users via SMS with campaigns tailored specifically to a variety of interests and needs. With message relevance deemed critical to the effectiveness of a campaign, the availability and affordability of quality SMS marketing services have allowed businesses, entrepreneurs, and advertisers of all sizes to equally capitalize on this powerful resource.

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